Friday, February 26, 2010

Proof II

New England, 1990. My caveman period, which I still adopt from time to time, although not as frequently. Dig the early "grunge" flannel.

Just scanned seven rolls of Neopan 1600 that I shot in Madison Wisconsin at Smart Studios in Spring of 1992. My very good friends, Vanilla Trainwreck were recording their second album with Doug Colson at Butch Vig's studio and were kind or stupid enough to ask me to come along and document it.

Doug had recorded Dwarves, L7, Remy Zero and Butch had just finished two little albums called "Nevermind" and "Goo." Heady times.

Late one night over a couple of canned beers out of the studio's drink machine, Butch told me about his plans to start his own band, with Duke from the studio, but he didn't have a lead singer. He wanted an enigmatic female singer, he said, a cross between Chrissie Hynde and P.J Harvey (or someone like that). I had no suggestions.

Several years later, he found Shirley Manson.

"I sold my guitar to the girl next door
she asked me if I knew how
I told her 'I don't think so anymore'"

Cover Star: Providence, 1990. Photo by Sarah Mountjoy.
Headlining Band: Uncle Fuckin' Tupelo