Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Very Few Copies Left...

I want to personally thank everyone who came out last Wednesday to my signing at Fontana's. It was wildly successful. I felt love.

There was love. A lot of love. Whatever...

There are very few copies left of the first limited edition of "Some of This is True."

It comes personally signed, especially if I know you. And you get a one of a kind print of, well, you get a one of a kind print with it. And the model approves, even though I don't have a release.

Go down to "Monograph" and click it. You'll love your mailbox soon.

I promise.

Cover Star: Bunny Boots.
Headlining Band: The guy I was talking to Brendan about...

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James M. Graham, Monograph


Howard said...

I think I might want one. I'm in town on Saturday, might I be able to pick one up? Crap, instead I'll order it, and not have to carry it around. Sorry I wasn't able to partake in the lovefest!

Lauren said...

You should swing by the studio & drop one off for me ;)


Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Congrads!!! I am so glad you got to feel the love on opening night. I am putting a link to your book on my sidebar on my blog. Gotta help a brother out. You did it! Yeah!

Love and light,
Fabulous Finds Gal