Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thinking About My Grandmother

Lessie Cameron Graham.

This ceramic dog planter sat on her mantelpiece in the dining room for as long as I can remember. Maybe someone gave it to her full of flowers when my Great Grandmother Ada passed away in 1971, I don't know. But when my father asked me if I wanted anything, this is what I asked for.

She would have never approved of this soundtrack, but I do...

She was heavy...even at 85 pounds.

I can see her in her kitchen right now, baking biscuits and telling me to be "good."

And it is breaking my heart.

I didn't cry when she died. She lived to be 94. That's badass. And the way she went out is legendary. I just tried to help my Dad, an only child, get through it.

But I'm crying now.

It's about time.

I miss her.

Cover Star: My Kitchen on President Street, 2011
Headlining Band: The Giraffes, RIP

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