Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I moved from Park Slope, Brooklyn to Sunset Park, Brooklyn on August 2nd. It's taken me two weeks and a day to get back on-line. It's also taken me that amount of time to start painting (mostly) everything grey and to start start unpacking the crap I've amassed.

The neighborhood is not easy nor is it easily navigable. But I've had help, and I'm starting to make sense of it. Rico's Tacos = the bast tacos I've ever had (sorry Rachel's). Seared pork and chicken tacos and a long, tall 'Mexican' Coke costs $7.00.

Fuck yeah.

I hate my phone more than ever and the IRS and most of the people in the world, but I saw The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge yesterday in a rain storm with my girl and it renewed my faith in humanity.

OK, it absolutely did not. It made me want to retreat more. Except from my girl.

The past two days, she saved my life. Seriously. This post is for her.

Cover Star: JJG
Headlining Band: That dude that we're gonna have dinner with, and hey, if I won't do 'it' then he will certainly do 'it.' He always does...

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Chip Willis said...

this is awesome dude

mireille said...

Amazing pic... really depicts your sentiments..Monsieur G