Monday, March 19, 2012

Houdini's Wife II

What did Houdinin's wife do when he was out being chained into a trunk and thrown into a river? What did Houdinin's wife do when he was out being bound into a straight jacket and buried underground? What did Houdinin's wife do when he was out handcuffed and suspended upside down? I got those last two backwards, but it really doesn't matter does it? What did she do?

Did she knit? Did she book his European itinerary as if he would actually cheat death? Was she out with friends? Was she on tour with him (sometimes she was) and backstage? Waiting. For the 'trick' to go wrong. Which it eventually did.

Maybe it's vintage-esque portraits of women or a woman worrying.

It's something, though definitely not that. Maybe it has nothing to do with the time and place and character. Maybe it's just a series title.

It's something more. Something different. Something more hidden and more profound.

There was a really great concept album written about this once along with the perfect photograph.

I just can't remember what it is...

Cover Star: JC
Headlining Band: Ms. Bush

James M. Graham, Website
James M. Graham, Tumblr
James M. Graham, Monograph

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John Cox said...

What she did was drink. :s

The album you're thinking might be The Dreaming by Kate Bush. Great cover image of Kate as Bess.