Monday, August 06, 2012

Shhh...Baby Sleeping...

I haven't shot much lately that I cared about except for this shot of The Barrens.

Buy their album here. It kicks ass. And it's good, too.

And I baptized each and almost every one of them (Jay escaped due to timing) and then shot them wet and miserable.

The Feelies? Sure. The Heartbreakers? Sure. The Barrens? Definitively.

I also shot a promo photo for my friend Matt Graham's Fringe Festival show.

I think you might recognize what we were trying to do.

And with that, for now, I'm done with this here 'blog' thing.

It's been a great run, but I just don't give a shit anymore. Blogging is dead. Social Media is a joke and my photography can be seen both on my website and on Facebook, as long as that exists.

I've been having fun shooting only things that are important to me.

Stay tuned - over there, somewhere.


JMG - 18 days shy of 48.

Cover Star: Moi
Headlining Band: Bongwater covering Mr. Erikson

James M. Graham, Website
James M. Graham, Tumblr
James M. Graham, Monograph

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