Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Thrill of it All

I've wanted to do this for years, but with some hesitation. It's been suggested to me on numerous occasions that I do "my take" on the classic Roxy Music album covers, every single one of them a masterpiece. If you Google "Country Life" and select 'images,' it's like an explosion of badness. Parody, earnest attempts at re-creation, and just plain-ass embarrassment and hilarity. It's tough to pay tribute to an iconic photograph, and I never, ever do it. Except for last night. I had the perfect willing subjects, Ine and her identical twin, Ingvild, and had some inside knowledge as well. The original shot was (supposedly) lit by the headlights of a car, I'm guessing an expensive one. The photographer, Eric Boman, shot two scantily-clad models, Constanze Karoli and Eveline Grunwald, who Bryan Ferry met in Portugal. Enough said. But there was a lot of work to do. Last night, Ine, Ingvild and I built this elaborate fake green foliage back-drop for like, five fucking hours in my home studio and shot it with the aid of a car's headlights, which I finally (!!!) got into the freight elevator and up and into the studio. Thanks, Steve, for the 1973 Buick! Trying to keep it real! (We'll figure out how to get it back down on the street this week - promise.) It's an homage, although I can say that I've never seen one with identical twin models playing the "white" and the "black" underwear girls. That makes this fairly unique, I think. I'm happy with it. Moving on...and listen to me, I'm not finished yet. There's something to tell you that I can't forget... - For George Pitts

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