Saturday, September 01, 2007


I've been cleaning out my office.

This is a Herculean task (as Bill Hicks might say) that involves pulling the mountain of shit packed in there out into the hallway and the living room and having my girl deal with it as I go through all of it - piece by piece.

I live in Brooklyn, folks! Space is at a premium!

And you know, when you go through old shit, you tend to reminisce. Which can multiply the minutes, hours and days:

"Oh, look, I was so young."
"Oh, I remember that kitty."
"Wow, he's dead."

It also involves compiling and archiving EVERY negative I've ever shot - we're talking sometime in the '80s here, which has also been a nostalgia ride.

I'll post some craziness as soon as I can scan it.

And I don't have time to get rid of my shit on eBay, so if you happen by my stoop tomorrow in Brooklyn, there's gonna be a huge "this shit is free - please take it away" sale.

In the meantime, Shien, from 1920, shot last night on Polaroid in the Bronx.

The Yankees were playing Tampa Bay, which just fucked me up getting home via a Bronx car service whilst attemping to get to dinner in Park Slope.


The Pin-Up Poet said...

Oh it's hell isn't it...but sort of fun. I have hidden all my un-looked at papers away so that you won't see them when we shoot tomorrow. Maybe I can be convinced to pull out the handwritten letters from elementary school...just to prove some kind of point about clutter.

xo a

Alysa316 said...

Dude the funniest thing happened to me on Sunday. Some crazy bitch tried to start a fight with me on the subway, but then ended up punching some guy. I booked outta there before she could come after me, or attract cops.

This has nothing to do with your post, of course.

Just telling you. BCuz.

theda said...

free shit? i looooove free shit. i can put it in the closet next to that god awful lame dress!