Friday, September 28, 2007

We Wish You All a Very Happy Pleasant Flight

Air Travel.

Not pleasant, since, I don't know, my Ohio cum North Carolina homeboys Wilbur and Orville, but even and ever so more unpleasant now.

The "terrorists" DID win. At least based on my trip to Nashville this week. Or my trip to anywhere in the last six years.

I have several friends, mostly photographers oddly enough, that make their living in that industry, albeit for the private or unclassified sector and god bless them. That’s the real deal.

But this privatized shit, man. Lose it.

I said to my girl on the flight from JFK to Nashville in order to witness the burial of her Uncle, "Do you think we will live long enough to see privately owned air travel extinguished?"

I can imagine it. Trains, subways and automobiles.

An aside based on the fact that "they" can't even get us to Nashville: Gimme a show of hands - how many of you ACTUALLY believe that we went to the moon? C'mon, all 80 of you vote...

Think about it, Seriously - not just the myth, but the actual mechanics of get there, land there, walk or whatever the fuck they did there, and take off from there and get back here part.


How come it worked so FLAWLESSLY then? Hunh, Buzz?

Bear with me, but in 1974, I built Revel models of the lunar lander that wouldn't glue together properly.

I've driven brand new cars for 30 miles that fell apart.

I've used cameras that failed failed failed.

And none of them had Lego life support.

Breathe deeply. Oxygen is

I've saved a person's life, but they were just drowning on earth in a stupid little pond, not on another planet.

Why is Buzz Aldrin so angry?

And then there is that one great argument that I have no response to. Because it pretty much sums up everything about the human race that disgusts me:

We must have gone to the moon - how else would all those stupid gossiping motherfuckers keep their mouths shut if we didn't?

Money. Fame. The history books. Their 15 minutes (seconds).

I have no answer for that. And until I do, I am signing off...

The title is a Jarvis Cocker penned line from Charlotte Gainsbourg's "AF607105."

The photo is of Meagan - weightless. Really.


Gary M Photo said...

It's simple... they were able to go to the moon because the TSA safety/humiliation measures weren't yet in place. That, and some people actually seemed to give a shit about doing a good job 40 years ago. Guys with crewcuts, short sleeve dress shirts and slide rules in their pocket protector. Some amazing things can be accomplished when it's not about turning a profit. And there used to be a sense of legacy. Buildings were constructed to last centuries... now the goal is to just keep them from falling apart until the check clears.

Then again, I always thought "Capricorn One" was a pretty credible documentary...

My condolensces to your girlfriend's family, too.

Anonymous said...