Thursday, December 27, 2007

"You Like To Dance To The Rolling Head of the Adultress...

...You Sing In Praise Of Suicide.
We Know You’re Useless,
Like Cops At The Scene Of The Crime."

A line from an old Jeff Buckley song...

Poor Jeff. Poor us.

The photo is of Lisa and Lars from a long time ago.


d.l. wood said...

Dido's Lament

Thy hand, belinda, darkness shades me.
On thy bosom let me rest.
More I would, but death invades me.
Death is now a welcome guest.
When I am laid in earth, may my wrongs create
No trouble in thy breast.
Remember me, but ah! forget my fate.


Poor Jeff. Poor Us.

D.L. Wood

BLISS said...

smile a little smile...Mister...
Thinking of you...For New Years!!!
xo fleurs
ps love the photo...

Anonymous said...

Frame by frame
Death by drowning
In your own
In your own analysis

Poor drowned Jeff.
Poor us...