Friday, May 08, 2009

If The Cold Doesn't Kill Her, Money Will

"I read a magazine
It said by seventeen
Your life is at an end
I'm dead
And I'm perfectly content."

Ahhh, those fucking Gainsbourgs...

Lyrics, I think, by Jarvis Cocker.

When Rich and I were in Seattle about two years ago shooting tests for the Seattle agencies, we used to put this record on to fall asleep to every night. Kind of cute, hunh?

Except for the fact that Rich had photographed Charlotte when she was a kid, with her famous parents, Serge and Jane. I've seen the photos and they are - amazing.

I think he got a little teary a couple of times while it was playing. In fact, I know he did.

Rich, I cannot thank you enough for everything.

But that is something I'll never forget.

Cover Star: my charlotte
Headlining Band: Charlotte


Dig, man, there goes Mack the Knife! said...

Her body looks beautiful here.

Varvara said...

cute indeed. got me smiling.