Sunday, May 31, 2009

Key Words - Oversees Factor

Entered two photo competitions, mostly due to prodding from my publisher to beef up my - hell I don't know what you call it - pedigree? CV? List of shit?

Had dinner with two very good friends and their new, little (that's redundant) baby. Mexican, which I seem to be drawn to lately. Although it didn't even come close to approximating "Taco Time."

Nothing does, for that is holy.

Was mostly absent through the evening. Focus was a problem.

Watched Saturday Night Live. Laughed twice. A re-run that I'd not seen from two (?) weeks ago.

Going back through your archives is both painful and exhilarating, same as looking through your current work. Flaws are apparent as are some missed gems.

Had a waking nightmare that my place caught fire and all the negatives melted. Gotta do something about off-site storage. But it's a LOT of stuff. Gigs...

Pollen, the atmospheric pressure, pharmaceuticals, worry, missing my girl and nonsense are clouding my judgment.

Should just let it all happen.

I want some more, and then some.

Cover Star: Naama, from our first shoot. She told me that it looked like her mother. And there's a story there...
Headlining Band: The greatest living guitarist, period.

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Capt Stu Beans said...

i just spent 8 hours viewing images from 2003-2007....realizing what a hack I was, and then finding those missing gems and lucky. and was happy for it.

good lookin out bud. wanna see you soon.