Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Saw a Certain Light In You

Anders mentions three streets in this song:

St. Mary's

I had a friend that lived right off of Boylan Street in Raleigh about a block from The Char-Grill. In fact, you could hear the Char's loudspeaker announcing "Two Char chili cheeseburgers, small fries, Mountain Dew" from his living room. I don't know how Carl slept at night.

I live seven blocks from Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. I crossed it last night twice to take my friend Brian to Geido, the best sushi in NYC (although last night the service and the sushi were a little lacking...)

I was born on St. Mary's Street in Raleigh.

Obviously, Anders has spent time in both places. When you hear lyrics that are so familiar and personal ("How the hell does he know Boylan Street?") it kinda gives you goosebumps.

Plus, Anders is a really nice guy and obviously a great songwriter. Check out his former band, Varnaline...

It also doesn't hurt that my very good friend Greg Elkins plays loud guitar on this one, too...

Cover Star: Wet
Headlining Band: Anders Parker

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Lauren said...

such a tragically small world - sometimes i wish it would just blow up and other days i wish it would all implode. i think you get it.

pens and paper coming soon.