Thursday, July 02, 2009


A very good friend of mine asked me a long, long time ago - what about your work are you proud of? And then he told me to think about it before I answered him.

That question resonated with me. I think of what Jim said every time I scan a negative or look at a digital shot. Every time. He has no idea, but I do.

On this here blog, I show everything - warts, dimples and creases.

I don't give a fuck. Here. It doesn't matter. It's process, experimentation and masturbation.

It's cathartic. Or just a lie. Or just a place to be stalked or admired.

Same thing, really.

But, I am proud of this photograph, so the rest of all of that can go to hell:

VIBE folded yesterday. And George helped incubate it and turn it into VIBE. This is for him.

Thanks, Sarah...

Cover Star: George Pitts, Photographer
Headlining Band: Hayden


Model Sarah said...

One of the greatest photographs you've taken, not because of my hand.

George is becoming part of the circle as he should be.

D. Lavery said...

George is GREAT !
(Sucks about Vibe)
Love the shot... :)