Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Ain't Got No Money And I Ain't Got No Hair

"Right before he left, for some reason, he did not want to go. He had talked about it for years, and specifically for the last two months, but something, something nagging at him, scared him. The fear of the unknown? No, that never scared him before. Perhaps it was being by himself. Alone.

Right before he left for some reason, he fell down twelve times as if he had suffered a stroke, fucked up his hat, clothes and his body and barely made it home. Then a couple of days later, he fell off of a barstool, then again on the sidewalk, but this time in the comfort of very good, and documentary-minded friends.

But once he got there, everything was okay. Eventually. At least when the city started to make sense. When things started to calm down. When the people around him started making sense.

He missed that now. Far away and fading, but not too far away."

The go-go bars in Jersey are harder and harder to tolerate. It's the shake your booty for four seconds and then expect a dollar deal. In a bikini. And the Corona is still six bucks. This makes you end up at a joint where the dancers can actually disrobe, and you have your choice of Becks Clean or O'Douls, which makes you want to brush your teeth. It might be a dive on 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn, where there's no hope. And it doesn't matter if you tell them you want to buy the joint, unless they believe you, which none of them do. Even if you tell them your name is Slim. Even if you are sort of serious. There's no hope there. And it's not for sale.

What's happened to this country? That state? This borough?

We've lost our good old Mama and must have whiskey or you know why...

Fun Fact: The second largest city in Germany is Hamburg. Port town. Red light district. The Beatles became The Beatles there...

Cover Star: Candle
Headlining Band: Ever Feel Like You've Been Cheated?


Chip Willis said...

Every second in front of you is a second you control.

Model Sarah said...

but that isnt why you're going...

; )