Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fit So Tight

I shot with my good friend Sheena today. First time I'd seen her in 16 years. It was a good shoot, we laughed, talked, caught up and most of all got some amazing shots. You wouldn't know it from looking at her, but she's fearless.

I like fearless.

Speaking of fearless, I got accused of being "overconfident" or some shit like that this week by a stranger that I was trying to sell myself to as a potential client. If you can't be confident about your work, why bother? And it's NEWYORKFUCKINGCITY, everything here works that way. Rock stars, celebrities, club promoting assholes who 'hire' young women to sit and look pretty whilst their "clients" spend $12k on booze are REVERED here. I am not these people.

I was just trying to hire a publicist. Who got drunk and talked shit about me to my friends. After I left.

And said publicist, person who should know that THE WORD is powerful above all else (also in the form of emails and faxes), didn't once think that the only way I would find out about her shit talk, was - yep, my friends. Loyalty trumps potential money, I guess. I hope. I know.

Bad move, potential publicist. You could have had a client. Seriously.

So, any publicists out there reading this that are not douchebags? I require your services. Talk to me.

In the meantime, and totally unrelated:

Where will you go, when we all fall away?

Cover Star: Sheens et moi. A total vanity, trophy shot, but fuck it.
Headlining Band: Some Queens...

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Sheena said...

I <3 you JMG! and its only been 10yrs!

Tanya said...

I just decided I want to shoot Sheena myself, I always recommend her to others in NY.

Lauren said...

mmm...fuckwits, can't escape them and dumping the bodies is such a pain in the ass - can't stop a dripping sink when we're all just drops in an ocean. oh well, its not easy being a masochist but then again, nobody said anything worth doing would be, right?