Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Got Two Sets of Headphones

I'm so mad. I can't believe you're sleeping. What a disappointment. You're're not allowed to sleep this early. That's not alright. For what? For work?

I can't even sleep right now. I have to wake up in the morning. Ahhh. I'm contemplating coming into the city tomorrow.

You probably can't hear anything I'm saying because I'm mumbling and I'm laying in my bed and I'm leaning on the phone awkwardly and yawning instead of actually speaking.

In case you want to know. In case you want to know. In case you just
decide to randomly wake up and listen to this message and hate life.

You know...

In case you want to listen to this entire song that is about to end in a
few seconds because that's how long this message has been.

It's a good one too. Mmmm. I'll put it on a CD for you. Probably
not, actually. But I'll say I will 'cause, you know.

I'm really sorry about this. I'm like half awake and very, very - what's
the word, uhmm - anxious? No, antsy, ansty, there you go. Antsy to talk to
someone, though not antsy to move around. If that's even correct.

I really thought your answering machine was going to cut me off so I'll
just hang up.

OK, bye.

Cover Star: Elisaveta, a 'CHAIRS' outtake.
Headlining Band: The National.

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