Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's So Easy To Seperate The Rights From The Wrongs...

"I’ve had it with you fucking clowns
I’ve had it with you all chasing me
I just want a little peace and quiet
You fucking clowns are destroying me

I don’t want to answer the telephone
I don’t want to talk at all
I just want the clowns to leave me alone
I don’t want the clowns to call

We’d all be better off
If we gave each other a little space
Take your make up off now
Look in the mirror at your face

And as sure as it’s off
You’ll put it right back on
Cause that’s what you clowns do
Do this, leave me and the children alone"

- "Telephone," The Ass Kittens

Cover Star: Livvy w/ her skateboard
Headlining Band: The Giraffes

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