Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No One Calls, No One Writes

Except for the Baby Kitty, who constantly reminds me that she depends on me - for everything.

OK, she doesn't call or write, she just goes - mrroooowww...

And I know what that fucking means.

My Mother said to me the other night, she said, "James..." and I said, "What?..."

And it was her 76th birthday AND Thanksgiving.

And I said, "What?..."

And she said - "You should be alone for a while."

And I pondered and I thought and I played a song in my head, and then I thought again, and I pondered some more, and then I thought - I don't want to be alone. I mean, who the fuck really does?

But what I said to my Mother on her birthday and on Thanksfuckinggiving was -

"I hear you."

This photo and song is for my Mom.

Dig it. Or don't. As per the conversation I had thrice tonight, I don't really give a fuck. It''s all about being happy. AND ON THAT NOTE, the one that's resonating...

Happy December! PSR, AD, & DC...

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