Thursday, December 01, 2011

I'm Old Fashioned

Woke up. Elated. Happy and good. Really good.
Got an egg sandwich.
Ate it with some coffee.
Walked to the train.
Went to B&H. Had a panic attack.
Bought a bunch of film and some batteries.
Walked to the train.
Got home.
Found out my shoot was postponed. Film keeps. Batteries too.
Did some work. Calm now.
Walked to the train. Had a panic attack.
Went to Cheeky's on the LES. Calm now.
Bought a pork chop sandwich (the best in the world, mind you).
Took it back to Fontana's and ate the shit out of it with a Coke and a beer.
Watched sports I don't give a fuck about. Had a panic attack.
Witnessed a potential fight, which alleviated itself.
Talked to some friends. Several of them. Felt good. Sorta.
Walked to the train.
Bought a bottle of wine. Calm now.

Thursday night in the universe. Friday is next. See ya Saturday!

I can swim. I can swim. I can swim.

I can't swimmmmmmmm!

Oddly enough, The Jesus Lizard makes me feel better...

(My shirt is unbuttoned all David Yow style).

Cover Star: Natalie, 06-15-09
Headlining Band: The Jesus Lizard, live at Irving Plaza, 11-06-09. I was there. Listen - you can probably hear me...

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