Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Legacy Continues...

Meagan Marie Sample, who will forever hold the title of being my first 'muse.'

Over a period of eight months we created some amazing photographs, probably a book's worth. One of my many favorites was a shot of her in her old apartment in Utica, NY. The apartment was completely trashed and she was holding her cat at her hip, looking all badass. My Criterion DVD copy of "The Night Porter" was in the foreground. Which she later stole...

We shot again in 2009.

Recently she reminded me that we had an 'agreement" (and we did) to shoot once a year until either of us is dead. We skipped 2010 as she was quick to remind me.

This shot is from December 19, 2011.

Next year, my dear. Please take care of yourself.

I bought another copy of "The Night Porter"...

Happy Fucking New Year.

Cover Stars: MMS
Headlining Band: The Gutter Twins, which is pretty much what we were.

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