Friday, January 27, 2012


There is no one more important than you...

This goes out to all my friends, but especially George.

He and I have talked about Roxy Music for hours and me perhaps doing some sort of a photographic homage to these iconic album covers. And I always say, "No way, man." And he laughs that iconic laugh as only George can do.

I miss him.

And my girl...

I'll be here all week...

Cover Star: Country Life
Headlining Band: Roxy Music

James M. Graham, Website
James M. Graham, Tumblr
James M. Graham, Monograph


Anonymous said...

I remember going to the record show in Hillsborough, wanting to complete my Roxy Music collection with a copy of this. I refused to bring home one of the censored ones.

Didn't find one, but the next day there was one front and center at the Record Hole. Three bucks.

Martini said...

One of my all time favorites.

The Lapis Hotel said...

Roxy Music makes beautiful, sometimes epic, sometimes almost punk, unusually complex, often atonal, often funky, often literate, often cold and brutal, often warm romantic and timelessly artful; and Bryan Ferry dares to be uncool by identifying with sentiments that made Frank Sinatra and Scott Walker brilliant artists: Love and its Tribulations.