Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are You Experienced?

Listening to Patti Smith's "Twelve" for the first time ever. First track.


I love me some Patti.

Celia's 35mm contact sheet. One out of two.

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theFstopshere said...

did you know Patti is a photographer? You want to shoot her... I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to start a conversation about photography. I believe it was Aperture which ran an article on her and her polaroid photography about two issues back.
My favorite part of the article was when she talked about how much she loves to look at the photos she's taken... how, when she's out touring, you can always find her in her hotel room in the evening, sitting on the floor with her polaroids spread out... absorbed in contemplation of her beautiful images. Ah, the artist's world is such an internal one.