Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Things Come to Those That Wait - Sometimes

Sundae St. Laurent.

August 8th, 2004.

The ROOMS series.

My 10th formal shoot after formally deciding to shoot seriously, with an end goal in mind. In a formal, kinda serious way...

Sundae turned out to be the first best shoot I ever had. The first time that almost every shot was magical. The first time that I consciously connected to a model. The first time a model gave me more than I bargained for - than I even imagined a model could.

She showed up with five or six suitcases FULL or clothing, costumes and "whatnot" (what the hell does that mean anyway? A compound word composed of "what" and "not" - I don't get it...but yet we all sort of know what it means, right?) and a husband who sat on the couch the whole time reading KERRANG!, shouting pose suggestions.

They gave me a ride back to the city and dropped me off at 34th and Madison.

I was green, but shooting Sundae was like getting a Doctorate in six hours.

She raised the bar.

Then she dropped out.


That caused me distress for two reasons:

1) I wanted to shoot her every day forever
2) I somehow "lost" the release that she signed. So I got all these amazing shots and I can't publish them. Fuck!

I and others attempted to contact her. Left her messages on her still working voicemail. Sent her messages to email that didn't bounce back.


And nothing always makes you wonder and worry...

Three years later, last week, I suddenly get a message from her on my obligatory yet completely inactive and obligatory MySpace page.

They'd had a kid. She sent pictures. They were fine. Better than fine.

And she faxed me a replacement release which I backdated and she didn't even call me a moron or give me shit in any way shape or form. Believe me, hers was the last release I've ever "misplaced."

And she said she's willing to shoot with me again. Just as soon as she's ready...

Sundae, baby, I'll wait...

ps - That's my guitar. Dino set it on fire and gave it to me. I can't play it for shit, but damn if it isn't the best prop I've ever used...


Stacy Leigh said...

I'm itching to see the front of her!!


mattmayes said...

its a lot like my guitar. i didn't burn mine but i beat it with a hammer. loved the story about sundae

ian said...

i'm in lust.... over your guitar.
and, you've only been shooting with serious intent since 2004? somehow that is reassuring to me - I don't feel like a complete "newb".
as for your "connection" with Sundae, I can completely relate and remember the day that happened to me. It was like she was performing for an imaginary audience somewhere behind me... i still go back to the originals and pull little gems out now and then.

Viva said...

knowing she was well was all I needed to hear.. I've been worried like a parent who lost her kid for years.. it feels good to know she's doing very well. Talk to her daily again. Your work with her is my favorite.

SundaeSaintLaurent said...

I can't wait to shoot with you again, I'm almost ready!