Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bergman & Antonioni

They actually passed away on the same day.

Two of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

As a student of film, I highly recommend A.O. Scott's New York Times Obituary.

It's interesting that Scott brings up the old "Beatles vs. Stones" debate - Ingmar being The Beatles and Michelangelo being The Stones.

I've always preferred The Beatles in music and Mr. Antonioni in film, which is not to disrespect either The Stones ("People, people, just cool it.") or Mr. Bergman.

Scott ends his obit with this quote, "it seems clear the cultural climate that made it possible to hail filmmakers as supreme artists has vanished for good." This makes me sad. Is this true? I'd like to think not.

Rest in peace, talented sirs. I, for one, would not be taking photos like I do if it were not the the likes of you.

Rent "Red Desert" if you can find a copy. And "Weekend." And "The Passenger." If you are open to Mr. Antonioni's vision, they will change your life.


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to say that there are no film makers working today who are regarded as artists is, well, nutty. why do people want to bum themselves out like that? wong kar wai, david lynch, hayao miyazaki, park chan-wook, quentin tarantino, claire denis, tim burton, john waters...