Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Would You Rather Be Right Now?

My answer:


I'm not a lot, if you consider the hours of the day, but I am sometimes, too.

My answer emanates from the sober me.

If you are contemplating this question and you ARE drunk, you obviously cannot agree with my answer.

There is a remedy. One way OR the other...

The photo is of me. Not so sober.

A long time ago. With Bonnie. At her birthday party. Neither one of us remember much about this. Other than the evidence that Christopher Bush acquired.

Shown here. Thanks, Chris.


Chip Willis said...

I am halfway drunk now.
As a matter of fact, putting the Wacom down as we speak and getting another Tequilla.

Ahh yea... Fridays from the day job rock.

Anonymous said...


Stacy Leigh said...


That's what I would rather be.