Monday, August 06, 2007


I called Toby tonight (see his link to the right) and we talked about important stuff, like "Freebie and the Bean" not being out on DVD, Monte Hellman, and Ben's "midget" story. And our lives. I love Toby.

I got an email from my girl tonight after my lament email to her about people dying without letters. Used to be when people died they had tons of letters to sift through, which told the living ABOUT THEIR LIVES. Now we got email (which you could print out and give away at a funeral, I suppose) and text messages that Verizon deletes after five days (which means you will NEVER be immortal) not that we'd like to read them anyway. I love my girl and I'm gonna start writng to her with a pen. About our life together.

Chip called (see his link to the right) and told me about this crazy, amazing experience he just went through in a land far away that may very well change his life. We also talked about our lives. I love Chip.

Stories are important. Stories about our lives are most important. I fear that they will ultimately be lost in our stupid fucking human version of "The Matrix." Laurence Fishburne will not be in it, but a big fucking idiot will be, guaranteed. And he will be straight and white and 'MERICAN, just like me.

Shame. I feel it. I think it of others. And mostly I just want to fuck THOSE people up.

Maybe it's time to check out. Or...maybe it's time to write some stuff down!

This is Jennifer Caban. I shot her a long time ago in bumfuck Williamsburg, which right now is probably teeming with million dollar condos. Anyway, she's cute and she's READING!

Oh, and I got a new hat.

I don't wear hats...


theFstopshere said...

i rarely wear hats, yet I loved to collect them as a kid... especially if they were related to war. Same with toy guns... collected them as a kid but i've never fired a real weapon in all my adult life.
Lost faith in dreams, friends, people... I have a film recommendation for you if you haven't seen it already... Altman's "The Long Goodbye" with Elliot Gould. It's fantastic.

Toby Roan said...

What a great shot. Those eyes!