Monday, October 01, 2007

The Cat Knows Damn Well What Time It Is...

She knows that she gets fed at 9pm. At 8pm, she gnaws my calf or jumps on my monitor and says, "Hey, It's nine!" I look up, see that it's 8pm and tell her that she doesn’t know how to tell time. She sulks off, only to return and do the same thing every 5 minutes until 9pm. And every time she does it, I look at the clock.

No wonder I don't type more on this thing.

Autumn in New York City is a wondrous thing and it is finally here (I hope). Halloween is in the air, as the kids across the street at the school are already peering through windows with paper pumpkins, witches and goblins on them, facing out, just like their little, red-cheeked faces.

Our birthdays are over and the days get darker quicker. There's a nip in the air as the jackets come out and what little short sleeves there are go away

There's a strange static electric energy to Autumn in New York City - more time inside, sure, but also more time outside, it seems, shivering slightly. Wanting a smoke. Grilling way too late in the season by flashlight. Holding hands when it seems like it's also for survival.

Makes me want to see music. Makes me want to create.

There's a Bill Nelson song called "The October Man" that I used to love.

Here's an Andrea Grant photo that I currently love.

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theFstopshere said...

funny how i've noticed through your music references on your blog where our musical tastes intersect... not run parallel but intersect... a lot... just like the lines of some crazy be bop tune... or is that Be Bop Deluxe?
speaking of music, my friend in Flatbush says "Zappa Plays Zappa" will be playing the Beacon on Halloween and he said based on last years shows, it's a much see/hear. (if zappa is your thang)
for me, i'm going to see my old college mates Camper Van Beethoven this weekend in Seattle... It will be great.. except, Autumn in seattle is NOT Autumn in NYC. Too bad!