Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Before I Go, I'm Hangin' a Cross on a Nail

I'm listening to the new Soulsavers album featuring Mark Lanegan on vocals.

My god, the funeral dirge gospel-ness of it.

The originals are stunning and they cover Neil Young ("Through My Sails"), the fucking Stones ("No Expectations"), and even Mark Lanegan ("Kingdoms of Rain")!!!???

Which is all good. Even the Lanegan covering Lanegan cover. All good.

At 46:30, it is about 10 times too short. I would buy a boxed set of this. Meaning, that this is officially the #1 best record of 2007, narrowly bumping PJ Harvey, who is now THE strong 2nd.

Mark has always been one of my favorites and one of the few that I can actually say I prefer his later solo work WAY over the work with his seminal band, in this case The Screaming Trees. And he has notoriously cancelled almost every East Coast appearance since 1997, when last I saw him at a Sub-Pop showcase at The Westbeth. He didn't make it through more than 4 songs...

Not that I hated The Trees, but man, Mark is more and more like punk rock molasses. He sticks to you and gets better and better with each recording even though he clearly has no aim.

Appreciate me for what I do, for one day I may be gone.

That's Mark, from my perspective. They are playing here on the 27th. We'll see if he shows...

I shot my friend James today (see link to the right) for my portfolio and hopefully for his upcoming Off-Broadway show in the new year. We met about 15 years ago and have always enjoyed hanging out and it was good to see him tonight. Long time coming.

Friday I'm shooting the next self-portrait shot with Vivian. There's a bedpan involved.

This Soulsavers record is killing me. And it's dark and cold (finally) here in Brooklyn.

Here's another photo of Shien, getting ready for the last one.


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Toby Roan said...

This is one of my favorites of all the shots you've posted.

Looking down that hallway, there's a REPULSION or ROSEMARY'S BABY vibe to it that I really, really dig.