Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vanity Thought Out, Planned and Executed III

Me and Isabella.

From Tuesday evening at The Chelsea Hotel.

I have way better shots of her.

You know, just by herself.

She is changing her name to Argyle.

Hey, you heard it here first...


Chip Willis said...

Your image of her in those cool socks is better than the one of her I shot wearing those cool socks.

Was the Chelsea worth it? It's on my "to do" list.

glad you got to shoot this fine girl!

Stacy Leigh said...

you look so hot in this photo...oh man. so so SO hot.


did I mention wow?

Meagan Sample said...

Sweet coat.

hypolux said...

Yesss!! this is Exceeelent ^^

theFstopshere said...

there's a beautiful naked woman standing just behind and to your right but all i can think is "cool jacket". I'm now questioning my sexuality.
Another fine, thought-provoking installment of the James M. Graham blog.

Lin said...

O.K. James - don't leave us in suspense. Where can we get one of these jackets?

Mockingbird Girl said...

I'm going to join the herd and comment on that amazing jacket. Very nice JMG...very nice indeed.

erotisan said...

Love this. love your aesthetic