Monday, November 12, 2007

Visitation Part II

My blog was recently visited by a fellow by the name of Christian (I love the irony) who runs a blog-catcher called "Univers d'Artistes." In it, as near as I can tell, he just posts shots from photography blogs that he likes, mostly naked chicks, and links back to the photographer's blog.

Some photographer friends of mine are outraged by this. Ask Marko about his "Turkish thing" the next time you get a chance.

I welcome it, and here's why:

Sure, I protect my image. Sure, I build my cult. But in the long run, and in the day and age we live in information dissipation-wise, the more people that I can expose to my work the better. I'm gonna find a fan somewhere even if they come from a porn site, an architecture site, or just a blog-catcher site. My numbers prove it.

And fans kick ass. Patrons kick EVEN more ass.

And anyway, I like Christian's taste. He steals Don Nelson's stuff too.

So I've agreed to do an interview for him sometime this week. I’ll link back to it when I do.

Here's what he posted on his site in regards to this blog:

"Daily, I visit at least 50 blogs and sites... Yes. At least... It's a real work, but I love that. It's my passion !

Today I want to talk you about a nice photoblog runned from July 2006 by James M. Graham, photographer from Brooklyn, New York, United States.

His writing is smart, fine, always happy, not too long, not too short, with many informations about him, his life and moods, his models. In fact, he's writing about everything we like to read in a true blog, telling us us the stories about his shots, many good advices on his work, or the computers, and never forget to make us smile...

So, dear art lover and reader, go and visit him daily, you'll love him too !

Did you read that? "SMART, FINE AND ALWAYS HAPPY" !!!

Hell yeah!

It’s so goddamn sweet!

So here's a photo just for Christian. It's Evelyn. Smart, fine and I hope, always happy...


hypolux said...

This just begs the question, "So how's the self-portrait coming along, James?"


chris said...

Thanks a lot James ! I appreciate.
I just want to precise that I don't steal any photos... All the artists are mainly contributors (like in a community) or close to be, or because of an article about a site as yours. They all know they are exhibited, and they told me yes.
I'm at the opposite of the usual photoblog, creating a true and promotional art-community, living and joyful, and not a "fake blog" made with "stolen" pictures.
Anyway, tks a lot for the picture ! I enjoy...

Stacy Leigh said...

This photo is my new JMG favorite. I would hang it on my wall in a heartbeat....perfection.

bt said...


Not surprised here. I love your work!!! I see great things in your future. Just don't get burnt out like me...always have fun!!

Rock on my friend!!! Congrats!!

Mockingbirdgirl said...

Always happy?!? I guess some things don't translate nearly as well as your photos do!

rob said...

actually i had dozends of guys who thought I was
stealing their pictures.
"stealing on the internet" ?
If one provides links to the photogs site,
models site (if possible), doesn`t make any money
out of the blog work, guarantees the absence of
"porn" ... what better promotion do you get ?
my experience so far is that most of the photogs I consider true artists say "yes". the others are those with the big and picture-destroying watermarks.... ;-)


yeah, i came in from "fuck a day" now it seems to be "flower a day." nice work.. i'll have to stick around and see whats happening here for a while it seems....