Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Friends Warehouse Pain...

...Attack their own kind.
A thousand kids bury their parents.
There's laughing outside...

...We're locked out of the public eye.

Some smooth chords,
On the car radio.

No hard chords,
On the car radio.

We set the trash on fire,
And watch outside the door.
Men come up the pavement,
Under the marquee.
There's laughing inside...

We're locked out of the public eye."

One of the finest bands in all of the world, Los Angeles' own X.

God bless them. And the people who appreciate them, both old and new.

The photo is a shot of me directing Ashley to do "something" on 12/26/07 in Garner, NC. Turns out that her house was right down the street from my bestest pal, Toby. I got Lauren out of her cave and she took this (and many others) while I was doing important directorial shit - like pointing.

Years of practice, folks, years of honing my craft...

I love it that Ashley seems to be paying attention to me whilst wielding the devil-sign with her right hand.

That is METAL!

Almost exactly one month ago, and my life is PROFOUNDLY different.



D.L. Wood said...

I'm not one of those people you referred to on Jan. 25th post. I'm not a personal friend or colleague. So I don't know what caused this profound change. From the darkness of your posts it must have been sad and hard.

But it is nice to see your own comments on todays post. Not that I don't use others to speak for me in some comments. Especially when responding to the same kind of post. I also like quotes and song lyrics that I find personal meaning or emotion in.

When you always use someone else's words to speak your thoughts and feelings in your posts, plus do not respond to any of the comments, it makes for a one-sided blog on both sides - you post, we have to guess the meaning of the post and how to react - we comment, no response, we have to guess if the comment means anything to you - no interaction. The blog loses it's personality.

This is part of why I come back to certain blogs. Most of what I frequent is photography blogs. I visit six of the photographers you have links to everyday. I look for images I enjoy, I look for posts that I like, then I look for some kind of personality. When I find all three I usually come back regularly. I figure that's what the blog owner wants, why they post, it's what they're looking for - interaction - the personality.

Well, as I write this I'm listening to Willie King singing "Crawlin' Blue" and think it's time to crawl on outta here.

D.L. Wood

James M Graham said...

Well, D.L., you might be. That's part of my one-sidedness. You'll never know, unless you meet me.

Then you will knowme. Maybe.

It's my blog, and really, you shouldn't ever believe anything you read here. I am really guarded in regards to my personal life.

But here, where I am free. I tease.

I used to be a music critic, and obviously I love music that speaks to me and can help me through rough times.

I use it.

I also like my writing style. years of development. Years. And I'm comfortable with it.

So - if you are saying you are leaving, bon voyage. I have enjoyed your comments.

If you are saying that you dig coming here, please come back.

"No interaction" is my gig. If "the blog loses it's personality" then so be it.

Thanks for your honesty.

I do hope you don't fade away...

Willie King kicks ass.

; )

Sarah said...

Lauren is such a voyeur.

; )

Tanya said...

you know i don't know why i keep coming here, i guess it's like watching your plants grow, or maybe i just keep wishing to see more x-rays and keep up with some new images or even unseen old images, to see how your style has grown from all Film to Partial digital and the the new soul you bring to each one, or just to read your rants, or just to giggle a little. I spend a good amount of time online but i don't really keep up with many blogs/journals aside from my own and Stacy L's. either way i keep coming back.

bt said...

Always looking for humor in things, and a champion of the ridiculous and absurd......may I interject my commentary on this photo? (all in fun my friend)..... (I have a weakness for creating my own dialog for a photo (and LOVED the film "What's Up Tiger Lily").

...please hear this dialog by James in this photo, as said in a perfect Frank Booth voice

"Mommy....look at this booger....I can't seem to fling it of....LOOK AT IT...LOOK AT IT!!!"

sorry..couldn't help myself James.....

its all in love my friend...keep rocking!!!

Hoping to make you chuckle a bit...

James M Graham said...

And Tanya, I thank you for that!


James M Graham said...

And you too, Mr. Charles!

d.l. wood said...

Oh I'm not going away.

I would like to meet you and have a conversation. I'll buy the first beer.

I know it's your blog, I'm not and wouldn't tell you how to run it and I'm not suggesting you should change it. I was just explaining one persons point of view - mine. Now I have yours. Thanks

So, as Tanya said "..why do I keep coming here", can be answered by me now as I got some precious interaction. I'll come looking for images, the tease and slowly waiting for the jerk at the end of the chain.

I love the blues. They can bring ya down, but can prop you up. Do many people listen in the morning? I listen all day. In fact I have a customer on hold as I finish this and he's listening to Johnny Winter's version of "Highway 61 Revisited". LOL


D.L. Wood

BLISS said...

rants,music and excellent photography what more could anyone ask for?

... sparks thoughts ...

hypolux said...

True then, true now, my friend