Saturday, August 15, 2009

Was That A Bruise Or A Kiss?

"Veins and a rope.
Gold hair wrung out.
From back of the
sheep-shack, a high bleat hum.

Veins map the hair pillow.
Strung out. I'm sleeping.
Its the kind of a nap, though, you don't wake from.

Sky of gold.
Pink and lazy in a pond I lay.
Take it slow.
Drunk and crazy in a pond I lay."

If you've already lit the shot, just put your finger or a piece of gaffer's tape over the stupid flash on the Fuji Instax, ok?

how are you?

Cover Star: Karolina
Headlining Band: The band that recorded "Get Your Goat"

1 comment:

Lauren said...

ah the good ole tape/finger trick, one of my favourites - shame common sense isn't so common anymore...i'm going to look into some two-for-one lobotomy deals, lemme know if yer down.