Monday, August 10, 2009

You Need Not Worry, You Need Not Care

I'm tired. And sweaty.

Cover Star: T
Headlining Band: Raymond FUCKING Douglas Davies


D. Lavery said...

Dude... was it raining in there? :)

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Amazing shot!!! My computer won't charge and has been down a few days. I think I'll do your interview next Monday or Wednesday, since I plan on having an Ad hit in conjunction with the gift show in NYC next week. Hoping for lots more hits. Anyway, new e-mail I need to use: Could you send me an e-mail so I can send back questions? Also, need your approval to use the photo for my website. I haven't been able to access that e-mail since...
Christina Gough
Fabulous Finds Gal

Lauren said...

be glad you're not in the dirty south.