Sunday, March 14, 2010

Proof V

NYU, Summer of 1986. Somewhere on the Upper East Side across the street from Christopher Reeve's apartment. He could still walk at that point. And possibly - fly.

My first Arriflex! xoxoxo

I love several things about this photo:

- That it exists
- The big ass battery pack hanging on the bottom of the tripod
- The completely paranoid over-use of gaffer's tape
- The crooked bellows. I assume that was adjusted
- That sweet '80's digital watch
- Seeing myself at 21, ready to take over the fucking world

Cover Star: The Arriflex BL
Headlining Band: Nick again


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theFstopshere said...

times have changed. my son graduated from NYU Dec. 2008 and is working on his 3rd feature shot entirely on the Canon 5D/MKII dSLR.