Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Room #1134

Archives - 2004.

The 'Rooms' series. My second after the 'Alice' series. Twenty different women in twenty different hotel rooms, mostly in NYC. We created characters, back stories and murder/suicide/revenge/boredom alibis - you name it.

It's never seen the light of day, except for a few individual shots. Photographers like Bob Coulter and Peter Gorman trumped me. Did it first. Did it better. Or at least did it first.

I present this story here in all of it's Black Love.

NO...Black and White Love.

I want to shoot 'stories' again...filmmaker angst talkin'.

Cover Star: The lovely and talented Amber Star who I am shooting again this Saturday.
Headlining Band: Greg Fuckin' Dulli covering Courtney Fuckin', well, you know...


I'm gonna get a kiss and I'm gonna get away from here...