Monday, April 19, 2010

I Had a Dream

No, a nightmare.

Last night from when I went to bed at 2:30am until almost 4:40am. A very bad man (who I think looked like Nick Cave) WAS GOING TO KILL ME with a gun - no question.

I had a gun, but that's sort of the moral equivalent of handing me a sausage and telling me to defend myself with that. It was even loaded, just like The Velvet Underground's album. And he was coming. And I was in trouble. Just like The Velvet Underground after the recording of that album.

It was dark and I was in some sprawling old house with someone (???) who at the last minute shot the other, less threatening bad guy (who I think looked like a young Jeff Bridges). That was all cool and all EXCEPT the sound of the bullets gave us away to the very bad man.

I think the dream was in real time, most of mine are, so it had literally gone on for close to two hours. And when I wake up I pause the dream but as soon as I go back to sleep it picks up right from where it left off. Hit play and James dies.

I was so freaked out last night that I got up at 4:30am and haven't slept since.

So who was the man? Was it the hummus I ate right before bed? Was it poverty?

Hell, it was probably me.

Cover Star: Sienna
Headlining Band: Nick Cave, that bastard...


Lauren said...

pft, whatever dude. it was probably me ;)

Marlo Marquise said...

This is so gorgeous.

Model Sarah said...

Dreams only last 8 minutes on average.

They just seem to last longer, typically when they are interesting...