Monday, April 05, 2010

Ruling The World

"Days spent getting by creating things things things that will survive even though you most certainly won't won't won't important nights spent in altered states of various places with loud loud loud music other people's shit and smiles important you'd like to respond to a touch but you can't hear hear hear vision failing your worst nightmare except for the one where people break into your home through the fire escape escape escape and then there's the waking nightmares impact delusion improvement don't want to be as bad as you've been want to be better better better so as to avoid just to avoid take stock look in mirrors feel the slipping the disease disease disease panic and run panic and return talk talk talk until you've not only bored yourself but your therapist preacher guru lover and best friend explore the dichotomy between public and private private private all the time dressing and buying libations for strangers that you cannot afford while watching a bartender read a menu to a patron who is elderly and cannot see and think how sweet only to have that warmth chilled by the realization that there you are 30 years from now as if as if as if you try to limit the spew but spew you do do do."

- "XLV" from "Spew" by Kenneth Hayes

If you can get your hands on this, read it. It's brilliant.

What's in the bag? You know. You were there.

Cover Star: Lame "Dog" Hand Shadow
Headlining Band: Nick and Warren