Friday, April 09, 2010

"Strong men also cry. Strong men also cry."

A Paul Noth cartoon from The New Yorker. I didn't steal it. A friend cut it out and mailed it to me. Thought it would be funny. It is and it isn't. Mostly isn't.

I consider Paul a kindred spirit. I'd have dinner with him in a heartbeat. And Paul, if you come across this, dinner's on me.

New photos next.

Cover Star: EXACTLY!
Headlining Band: The new Deftones album is amazing. One of those bands that keeps getting better and better and more sublime.

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Harmless said...

I met a waitress out here in Vegas the other night who painted those tears in for work. It was a biker bar... I guess she needed the cred?

Hope all is well back in NYC.