Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Chase the Costumes She Shall Wear

The city wears shiny clothes and is always one step ahead of you. Always elusive, always beckoning, something to be reckoned with. Something to drown one's five senses in, something to experience. A flame to touch, a mile to swim, a flirtation with excess at every new wardrobe change.

I haven't been to the city in almost a week. I used to laugh at the old ladies in Queens or Brooklyn when I lived in Manhattan that said, 'Go to the city? Why would I?' but now I get it. Everything I have here in Brooklyn, save for some people I miss, is right here. You don't have to always take advantage of where you live. Not always. Not all the time.

At home, it's easy to stay out of people's way, out of their business, out of their lives. It's easy, as I've said, to be a recluse, to focus, to concentrate, to drop off the face of the earth just for a short while.

Eight pints of water a day. Two and a half home cooked meals.

Next week: Movement.

Cover Star: Shiny, shiny leather
Headlining Band: The VU

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Alchemiste said...

i could almost hear the click-clack of those heels and a shimmer speed by while reading this, only to slow down and feel the kind of ease that only brooklyn can offer...