Thursday, October 21, 2010

If It All Amounts To Nothing...

She was right.

To quote Mr. Bowie, five years.

Too fast, too soon, but friendship prevailed. And a bunch of other stuff. Time now is making up for time ill spent. Time now is an investment. Time should always be an investment.

No one's gonna be around forever, now is the time to sing, or five years from now. Although five years is scary. Five years was never scary before, but it is now.

Everything is walking out the door, literally, leaving cash in it's wake. There are those that would nod, smirk and judge. There are those that wouldn't think twice. There are those that would think twice, then not say a damn word.

We're not those people.

Now's the time - the time is now. Or five years from now. Or four...

I know what looks good on you.

Cover Star: Ms. Star
Headlining Band: Mister Cocker & Band

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