Sunday, March 27, 2011


K&R editorial is finished. Ten pages, credits, pull quotes, and font references.

As I told the publisher, "I aim to please."

Thanks to a fantastic team (Ryan! Sharm! Cristi!), a beautiful and patient model (Aliona @ FentonMoon), and a wonderful location (The Lafayette House).

An extra special thanks to CD for helping me decide on the final edit. To The Grifters, no less, and you almost knew every word. Like I've always told you, you have a great eye and spot-on sensibility. Kiss!

I couldn't be happier. Waiting for the crash...

AND, my tattoo itches like a motherfucker...

Cover Star: K&R Outtake
Headlining Band: The motherfucking Giraffes, RIP. Sonic Majesty, live.

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