Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can't Pay Attention to the Sound of Anyone

Pre-produced a shoot today for Friday. MUA, Hair, Model from FentonMoon, a reluctant Stylist. And it fucking wore me out. Business as usual.

Location tomorrow. Thinking The Lafayette House, since I saw it firsthand when my buddy Christopher shot there two weeks - to the day - ago.

Karin & Raoul. Print and on-line. And a little video documentary.

Should be good. Should be better than good. Should be brilliant, considering the parties involved.

Will be.

Sometimes it's good to have people push you. Thanks, HK.

All shots will be Fuji Neopan 400, since they recently discontinued my FAVORITE film stock...so that will be a small challenge.

This shoot will be the 2nd best highlight of my week. Tomorrow is my #1 highlight...

...29 years.

Cover Star: Kayla
Headlining Band: The National, live on KEXP

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