Saturday, April 23, 2011

Your Eyes Should Always Say Maybe

There are more than four poignant memories, but here are four:

1) You believed in me and I did not let you down.

2) I stood up for my people, you threw a keyboard across the room, it exploded, and I chased you as you ran for the elevator, shouting "Don't fucking run away from me!" And the next morning you bought fig newtons and put them on my desk as a peace offering. When I talked to you about running away, you said you ran because you wanted to hit me.

3) Indianapolis, IN, me and you in a car, hardly knew each other. Right before the Sony screening, we pulled into a liquor store and got a six of Mickey's Big Mouths. We drank three each, me behind the wheel. And you said, something like "Damn, James Graham, you can drink." And then we went to that steak house...high as kites.

4) All those nights at that bar on West Broadway, long gone, called The Construction Zone. They had popcorn. And you said over and over to Tracy and I, "We're right, right?" And we agreed. And we were.

We were pioneers. And no one can take that away from us.

Although, I'm not sure what it gives us in return. Except stories.

Cover Star: Elena
Headlining Band: Heartless Bastards

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