Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fingernails and a Cigarette's a Lousy Dinner

Did a video interview with The mOrgans last night and got great stuff. Women should not drink an alcoholic beverage during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. "So, what color are your eyes, really?" Attended a "Royal Wedding" event on the roof of The Roosevelt Hotel. I made another appointment for next Saturday at 5pm. Dressed to the nines and a half. Sha na na. "Texas Hot Link." Listened to a conversation, going nowhere, about adoption versus natural birth realizing the whole time, that none of the participants should ever have children under any circumstance. Snubbed. Saw the sun come up, sore and irritable. Don't cry, don't fight. "I'm not a photographer like you, but I think I have a great eye." Apparently, Smokey threw Julie away, however, the jury is still out. Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery. Chick wouldn't 'touch-up' my tattoo today because she thought it hadn't healed. I suppose she did too. Scanning negatives, working. "Don't forget the small people." It's fucking healed. Shopping for necessities. Not shaving, but fuck it, it's Saturday. You know, I've got the right. And then I thought...

Hey! Hey! Hey! Yeah, you! Fuckers!

Looking forward to the beginning of the week. The VERY beginning of the week. A lot.

I'll definitely shave. La di da, indeed.

This is one of the greatest 'love songs' ever written. Listen.

Cover Star: SP
Headlining Band: Da Mats

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Candace Nirvana said...

You're pretty of course, but where are the naked chicks?

James M Graham said...

Naked chicks are overrated...

; )