Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't Call

Melancholy. Greg does such a fantastic job of that. And the motherfucker absolutely makes cover versions his own. Admirable.

Walked home from Kensington, Brooklyn Monday night at 3am. About 50 blocks - took me an hour - never passed another human being. Half of the walk was along Green-Wood Cemetery with Victorian houses across the street. It was all mine and no one was awake. The perfect time of night. Quiet. No telephone ringing. No one tapping you on the shoulder or asking you directions or looking at you because you are all dressed in black with long, grey hair, and are scaring their babies. The weather and light was perfect for feeling like the last man alive, or at least some drifter passing through town. Or an actor, a photographer, or dark angel...

Even though Berlin is calling me again, I was reminded how much I love this city. It was like a Bresson film directed by Wenders.

I have the feeling that my phone phobia will just increase the older I get...

Cover Star: Aliona @ FentonMoon
Headlining Band: TTS, covering Desire

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