Sunday, May 08, 2011

After The Moon, I Should Go...

Saturday in the universe synopsis:

A friend's friend's friend committed suicide this week. I understand that shitty feeling, albeit twice removed.

Another friend got all the shit (two books and a shirt) I've been promising him for a year. I know that feeling too. Long coming elation, I hope.

I made a new friend last night. Bonded on many levels, a lot in common, or at least a shared sensibility. I know that feeling too. It's a good one and rare.

Many of my friends are feeling sick. I got that too. Feel better!

THE ASS KITTENS first practice is on Monday. As I said to my drummer last night, by this time next year, we'll be playing high school gymnasiums. AND you're damn right we will be! I've been practicing all week, bitches.

I miss all my friends, but I especially miss the first friend on the list here. A lot.

Witching hour...

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