Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twenty Bands That Should Reunite Right Now

I do this every year. The last post was Monday, April 26, 2010. Several of the bands on my list have reunited in the year that has passed.

Again, the rule is as follows:

All members as of this writing must be alive. This is why The Replacements, The Birthday Party and The Gun Club are not on the list, unfortunately, because they sure as shit would be.

Annotated list:

1. Fugazi (just do it!)
2. The Grifters (just do it! I know, no one knows who the fuck you guys were, but the band was brilliant)
3. The Smiths (stop me...)
4. Swans - Reunited without Jarboe. Awesome, but this does not count. They stay on the list.
5. Bikini Kill (this is a no brainer, except that there's no such thing as a RIOT GIRL anymore - shame)
6. Japan - Mick Karn, amazing bass player, died this year, which fucking sucks. They are off the list. Replaced by:
6. The Giraffes

7. Hüsker Dü (just fucking do it Grant Hart)
8. The Leaving Trains (James! We just covered "Cigarette Motel" last night. You're back catalog is good! How the fuck are you paying your rent???)
9. Galaxy 500 - Dean has been doing "Galaxie 500" shows. This does not count. They stay on the list.
10. Shockabilly (Kramer? Eugene? David?)
11. Sleater-Kinney (in time, I know. You'll probably be the first off the list next year)
12. The Toiling Midgets w/ Mark Eitzel (NEVER gonna happen, but should)
13. The Afghan Whigs (Greg, The Twilight Singers and The Gutter Twins are awesome - but...)
14. Roxy Music w/ Brian Eno (apparently dismissed recently, dammit!)
15. Genesis w/ Peter Gabriel (apparently dismissed recently, but THE LAMB 2011? C'mon, high notes or not!)
16. Guided By Voices - They reunited the 'classic line-up,' which I saw twice in December. One of those shows was their 'final ever' show at the terminally fetid Terminal 5. Turns out that wasn't true. They have shows booked through this Summer. They are off the list, not only for ripping me off but because they did the right thing and reunited. They're playing Brooklyn, by the way...Which means there's room for one more. Replaced by:
16. Big Black

17. At The Drive-In (eventually, right, boys?)
18. Oingo Boingo (probably not, but it would be bad-ass)
19. PIL (with Keith Levene and Jah Wobble) - Reunited WITHOUT Keith or Jah. This does not count. They stay on the list, although they are dangerously close to being removed, a la GBV. Hey John Lydon! Do you read this? Apparently not...
20. Uncle Tupelo (this is a no brainer - how about I move you guys up to #3?)

I've been listening to a lot of Fugazi in the past two days (since rehearsal) and I gotta say at this moment in time, there is a reason I moved them up to #1. I miss them. Everything about them - can't sing, brilliant musicians, don't care, politics, $5 tickets and a fucking bad ass, never not-memorable show. The Giraffes should probably be at #2. I saw Fugazi 5 times, the last time on The Mall in D.C. for free in 100 degree heat, probably, when Bobby? 2000? I saw The Giraffes only once, February 5, 2011 - their final show, and it was not enough.

Don't forget this. Ever. Without music in your life, whatever the fuck you listen to - your life would suck.

Or at least mine would.

What is good for the future? What was good for the past? What is good for the future don't last...

...and that makes me sad. A bit.

Cover Star: Fugazi in a photo I wish I had taken.
Headlining Band: Fugazi

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scottnichol said...

I would love nothing more than a genesis reunion with Gabriel. But I'm not sure his voice still has it anymore.