Monday, November 13, 2006

Drinks with Friends

No, Robert Pollard has not written a song called this, although he should have. He did write one called "Teenage FBI" which has nothing to do with this except that it is blaring from my computer jam box right this second.

Occasionally, I enjoy the company of other photographers. I've been fortunate to meet many that I, a) admire and respect and, b) actually enjoy spending my free time with.

(Think about that phrase - "SPENDING my FREE time with." - hmmm.)

I like the colliding of concepts, the different points of view, the goofy war stories and the availability of rich advice.

There's Rich and Tito. Marco and Allen (although DO NOT call him that). Melvin and Sanders. Lauren in the home hood, and Jessica, who was kind enough and down enough to allow me to photograph her clothed only in her camera.

Tonight Rich and I had some drinks with a very talented fellow of the Lower East Side called Christopher Bush. He has a chopsticks shot that is fantastic. And he's a fellow vinyl junkie.

Check out his stuff here before the three of us get thrown in the pokey for the ill-planned "Five Borough Skanky Strip Club Tour 2006."


I like that he goes by Christopher. I am a huge stickler for honoring your given name. If I say my name is "James," do not call me "Jim." Unless you ask me and I give you permission. I have given permission to one human being (Steve Thomas) to call me Jim. And several family members and close friends for "Jamie."

Photo is that beautiful beached boat in Chile. For India. There are twenty more...shots, not boats...


India said...

You're just a tease is what you are, James Graham.


Anonymous said...

as one James to another; I am sympathetic to the cause. In Rhode Island everyone's name ends in "y" - thus I moved here and became Jimmy. Not that I introduce myself that way.

On the other hand my neighbor calls me Jamie - though he also sometimes calls me Sean; I think he just makes it up as he goes along.

I've fought the James battle for a long time; I blame all the Jim's out there for my grief; I've given in to Rhode Island. I'll take Jim over Jimmy/Jamie now.