Sunday, November 12, 2006

Surgical Focus

I am still on West Coast time and it is damning me.
To stay up until 4am.

Robert Pollard, late of "Guided By Voices" is playing @ The Bowery Ballroom on Monday night. He is also playing on my computer jam box, currently. The title of this entry is his, not mine.

I will be at his show, close to the bar, and not trying to match Mr. Pollard beer for beer. It's a losing proposition.

Later in the week, I'll ACTUALLY go to Williamsburg (arghhh!) and see Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan.

Wish my girl would be with me, but alas, she in da Los Angeles.

We've talked a lot about our individual families and friends getting together for a celebration. An event. A remembrance. A thing.

I wish it was the Dulli/Lanegan show.

Passing time.

Photo is of the lovely Krya tonight, down from Boston to stand on a chair naked for me. With boots. She had great shoes...

…and moxy.

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